Wednesday, March 13, 2013

History of Makassar : 14th Century

Since the 16th century, Makassar was the center of trade dominant in Eastern Indonesia and later became one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia. Makassar kings implementing a strict policy of free trade, in where all visitors to Makassar entitled to commerce there, and resisted attempts VOC (Dutch) for acquire a monopoly in the city.

In addition, tolerant attitude toward religion means that although Islam is increasingly becoming a major religion in region, the Christian religion and belief Everything is still able to trade in Makassar. It is cause Makassar became an important center for Malay people who work in the trade in Maluku islands, and also became an important base for traders from Europe and Arab.

All This privilege can not be separated from the wisdom of King Gowa-Tallo who ruled at that time (Sultan Alauddin, King Gowa and Awalul Islam Sultan, King Tallo).

Makassar rulers control the decline as the growing influence of the Dutch in the region and strengthening of the political monopoly of the spice trade who applied the Dutch through the
VOC. In 1669, The Netherlands, along with La Tenri Tatta Palakka Whitewater and Doing some of the Dutch royal attack allies against the Islamic kingdom of Gowa-Tallo they deem as the biggest obstacle to mastering Stone spices in eastern Indonesia.

After the war all out to defend the kingdom against a coalition led by the Dutch empire, Gowa-Tallo finally (Makassar) and pressed with forced to sign an agreement Bongaya. Makassar also mentioned in the book that was written Nagara Kertagama by the MPU Prapanca in the 14th century.

This is the history of makassar city

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